Rebecca Van SarHi! I am Rebecca Vancuyk. Thank you for visiting my site. I have always believed that photographs come out best when they are natural. If you look at my photographs you will see that my photographs are very elegant and natural.

I love photographing weddings. The main reason is that everyone looks so beautiful and happy in the whole event. Capturing moments like walking down the aisle, first kiss, taking vows, etc. are very exciting. To me wedding is a photographer’s paradise. There are so much scope to do experiments. The subjects of photography can be endless. The décor, the cake, the bridesmaid — I love to capture it all. Then there are those details like the flowers, ribbons, etc.

I do normal portraits as well. It’s an awesome feeling capturing a person’s expression. I’m completely in love with photorealism. It gives a new dimension to my photography. I use photorealism even in my wedding photographs and portraits as well.

Through my experience, I’ve learned how to set the mood for capturing the best photograph. This is very important in case of portraits. I like to keep my photographs as natural as possible. If you like my style, then you can book me for your big day or for some casual portraits.