The 3 Best Photography Blogs for 2016

There are thousands of photography blogs on the Internet. If you read those haphazardly then you might get confused. Some blogs may not be very good and might misguide you or teach you the wrong techniques which might have negative effect on your photography. Here we have selected the best photography blogs of 2016 for you which will inspire you.



This blog is created by Scott Bourne. He has been in the photography profession for more than four decades. The blog was created in 1998. If you are thinking of pursuing a career in photography, then this blog will serve as an educational guide. There are product reviews and podcasts. The articles are very well written.

Joe McNally

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Joe McNally has been in this profession for decades. He is a very famous photographer and the blog is a reflection of his amazing works. The website is very easy to navigate and the layout is awesome. You will see some of his greatest works here.

Skip Cohen University


This is one of the best photography blog on the Internet. The blog is full of interviews, business advices and much more. It is very educational as well because you will learn about different techniques of photography and modern equipment. This is a great blog to read if you are trying to improve your work or grow your business.

When you read these blogs you will now how vast the field of photography is. There is no end to learning. Follow these blogs regularly and you will always be updated with whatever goes on in the industry.